Customer Reviews


5 star product.
"5 star product. You can smell how clean it is."
Tami P.
How will I know?
"Simple enough to use, but how will I know if it's really doing anything?"
Stephen M.
Hi Stephen, Thanks for reaching out! To know your device itself is working you'll see a blue light upon switching it on. This device will fluctuate between solid blue (O3 generation) and blinking blue (air circulation) throughout the sanitizing process. The biggest indicator of a job well done is the clean fresh scent left behind after the cycle is complete. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks! - Respify
Great product
"Respify is easy to use. Have used it three times and my sinus’s are doing a lot better already. Would recommend it to everyone. Thank you for such a great product. "
Marilyn D.
Easy to use
"Great for traveling "
Susanne W.
Hi Susanne, Thank you for the positive review! Where did you take your Respify to? - Respify
cpap cleaner
"so far so good..I am amazed at the time it is saving me. Both my husband and I use them so I can thoroughly clean both machines in one far I love now to see how long it lasts. "
Nancy S.
"Great, very helpful"
Helen P.
Great Bag
"Love the Sanitizing Bag. It's big enough to fit everything in it and I can use it every day if needed."
Marlene M.
Easy way to clean my CPAP!
"The Respify CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer requires little effort to keep my cpap equipment clean and fresh. Definitely worth the money, if your considering trying this type of cpap cleaner, give it a try, you won't be disappointed."
Stefanie O.
Works great
"This product is very easy to use and works great. Makes cleaning a breeze. "
Elizabeth L.
Great Product
"Easy to use and very nice smelling!!"
Jimmy M.
Better than expected.
"I have used it 3 times now, and can smell the nice fresh scent after treating my equipment. I did go to Walmart and buy a nice 15 quart container to use in place of included bag. It was less than $4.00 dollars and works great."
Frank H.
Clean Machine
"So far i am very pleased with the Respify cleaner i have Used it twice since my purchase and it seems to work great i am definitely happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone!"
Tom L.
Tom - Great to hear you are happy with your respify experience. Appreciate your support! Many Thanks - Respify
Clean Hose & Machine
"This is an easy way to clean my cpap equipment. The hose was always a problem. Now all is clean in one step."
Sue M.
Great product!
"My husband travels quite a bit and keeping his CPAP equipment clean and sanitized was a real challenge. The perfect answer was the Respify. We both love it - the size of it, the convenience, the simplicity of using it and last but not least, the effectiveness of it! What a great, innovative product that delivers what it promises! "
Toni D.
CPAP cleaner
"So far, it seems to work fine! "
Yvonne L.
This is a great machine and cleans very well. Make everything very refreshing.
"Love the bag and process."
Susan W.
Great sanitizer!
"I love the portability and it is less intrusive than so clean. It is now a key component in my cleaning routine along with soap and water."
Erik A.
Worth every penny!
"I am cleaning my wife's and my head gear, nozzles and water tanks as I type this review. What a super product that does a wonderful job without breaking the bank. I am so relieved that I don't have to worry anymore about germs in our hoses. The clean smell is marvelous! I have referred many people to Respify, we can't keep this great product a secret. Thank you for a product that does what it says, and a company that responds to emails almost instantaneously."
Love it
"I have been using my respify for a little over a week it does a great job and much easier than before"
Bonnie F.
Respify Satisfaction
"Use it faithfully every other day does everything I wanted it to very happy with my purchase"
Peter W.
Easy to use
"The most important thing I liked about Respify is the simplicity. Just throw the equipment in the bag and every night we get clean smelling fresh like new smell that lets us know the unit has been hard @ work. Our only regret is not buying one sooner. I’ve been telling all my patients to get one!! "
Lesia M.
Hi Lesia - Great to hear you are enjoying your respify so much that you will recommend to your patients! We really appreciate your endorsement and support! Thank You - Respify
Great value
"The Respify unit works as advertised. I have cleaned my hoses and headgear. I also cleaned the whole CPAP unit. I very satisfied with my purchase. "
Timothy M.
Best purchase I've made in years
"Very simple to use. No fuss, mess, smell, or noise. Everything comes out like new!"
Cynthia Y.
"Great product. Makes cleaning equipment so easy. Love it."
Cleatos A.
Love it!
"I have used my new unit a few times now and I love it! My tank and hose and headgear are wonderfully clean, without breaking my budget. The tank is beautifully crystal clean, like new! I am so glad I found Respify! I am an older woman, not paid to say this, and I highly recommend you try it."
Julie V.
Hi Julie! Thanks so much for your seal of approval! We really appreciate it. - Respify
Great Product!
"I am a retired Respiratory Therapist and have dealt with the mess and issues of keeping CPAP equipment clean and sanitized for years. While familiar with O3 and using it for for sanitation of CPAP-until now I'd never seen such a fast and simple method for its practical application. I believe the ease in using your product will be what has it flying off the shelves. I also believe it's what will keep people from just owning it to actually using it. Lucky Day for me when I found the link to order it. I wish you great success and offer up many thanks. Debi Fountain "
Debra F.
Great Device
"Great machine for CPAP users"
Gayle C.
Easy to use. Seems to
"Easy to use. Seems to clean very well"
Richard T.
CPAP Cleaner
"Works better than I expected"
Gilbert R.
Is it working
"The unit is easy to use and very cost effective compared to the competition. I've not noticed any change in my comfort or sleep habits, so it's difficult to say this cleaning device has changed "my life" like others have reported. I never ever cleaned my CPAP equipment before for the past 30 years so I assume this is a step in the right direction"
Allyn P.