Customer Reviews


Small footprint, big results
"Best customer service i have had the pleasure to work with "
John B.
John - Terrific to hear you are happy with the support you've received from our customer service team. Thanks for taking the time to pass along your kudos! Thanks Again! - Respify
Wonderful Experience
"Thank you so much for this product! I wanted something that was simple and not as expensive as some of the cpap cleaning alternatives. I have used the system for a couple of weeks now and it is so nice to put the mask on and smell the clean smell and feel confident that my machine is sanitized. I love it!"
Dianna O.
Dianna - Great to hear you are enjoying the fresh clean scent, after your gear is sanitized by Respify. Very appreciative of you taking the time to provide us with feedback. Thank You! - Respify
Respite seems so far to be a great product.
" I have to purchase filters?"
Ruth J.
Hi Ruth. Respify does not require filters or any other consumables. Thank you for the postive review! - Respify
"So far, It's Great. So simple and easy to use. Haven't had it long but I'm enjoying it. Not time consuming at all and my gear smells fresh."
Lynda G.
Lynda - Great to hear you are "loving it"! We really appreciate your business and support. Feel free to reach out anytime! Thanks Again - Respify
Two weeks in
"The Respify works great. Very easy to use."
Rick K.
Respond to Cleaner & Sanitizer
"My husband and I have CPAP machines, the cleaner & sanitize was easy to use without the higher cost cleaner machine."
Bette M.
It was so important to us to create an affordable, compact product. We are so happy to hear you love it! - Respify
"So far ,I am well pleased with it. It is very simple to use ."
Marie S.
Marie - Great to hear you are pleased with the simplicity of Respify! Thank You for your business and for taking the time to pass along your feedback. Thanks - Respify
CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer
"I give this a 5 star rating. Have used it 3 times since I received it and it is fantastic. I used to use the liquid cleaner but this out performs it extremely. 3 bottles of the liquid pays for this unit. Money savings all around. So be very glad I got it."
We are so happy to hear you like it, Donald. Thanks for the positive review! - Respify
Sun Touched
"It’s so simple to use, it seems unreal. If you’ve ever dried clothes outside using sunshine and breeze, this is what my mask reminds of after a cleaning. "
Jorge M.
Hi Jorge - We could use some Sun here in the midwest ;-) ...Great to hear you are enjoying the results of your new Respify! Appreciate you taking the time to leave us some feedback. Thanks Again! - Respify
By Pap cleaner 5 star
"I received my cleaning device and used it right away. I loved it now I can sleep safely knowing my By Pap is CLEAN and smells clean "
Geraldine R.
Works great
"This is much better than using a special solution that I have to replace every 14 days. I would have to soak the parts in the solution for 10 minutes and then rinse. Then wait all day for it to dry. I wound up buying an extra hose to give the hose a whole week to dry. This system is very easy to use, I highly recommend it!"
Robert S.
HI Robert. Thank you so much for the endorsement. We are happy to hear you are loving Respify! - Respify
Respify CPAP BIPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer
"So easy to use and leave all equipment smelling fresh and clean!"
David G.
Hi David. We appreciate your enthusiam! Thank you so much for the positive feedback. - Respify
Clap cleaner
"This is very simple to use. So far it seems to be doing a good job. It's easy to store."
Barb N.
Thanks for the review, Barb. It is greatly appreciated! - Respify
Saved my life!
"I know the title seems dramatic, but that is what it felt like. I had been cleaning my auto cpap machine tubing and face mask at least 3 times a week and then I had the flu at the end of December 2018 and it was like I just couldn't get better and it was starting to really depress me. I saw the ads for the SoClean machine but thought that was a pricey item just to see if it was my cpap machine making me sick when I happened up this item. I was a little skeptical that something so simple would do the same job and for way less. Long story short, I bought it and within a week was feeling better. Two weeks and I'm back to my old self. I definitely recommend it. Plus its compact size makes it not just for home use but traveling as well."
Marjorie B.
Marjorie - Wow! We set out to create a simple and affordable system for cleaning PAP gear. Needless to say, we certainly underestimated the impact it's had for some of our customers. Terrific to hear that unsanitary CPAP appears to have been the cause of your condition and that Respify helped get you back to feeling like your old self again! Thank You It is also reassuring to hear that you caveated unsanitary CPAP may or may not be causing your condition, as Respify is certainly not a "Cure All". Sorry, not wanting to rain on your results--we're Thrilled that Respify helped you get back on track!....but want to temper expectations for others reading reviews, as not everyone's ailments can be attributed to unsanitary CPAP. For Review Readers, always consult your physician for medical advice if you are experiencing symptoms of a broader medical issue that last more than a few days. Thanks! - Respify
Easy & A Snap
"Respify has made cleaning & sanitizing my CPAP easy!!!"
Dale M.
Isn't it amazing saving so much time and still having fresh PAP equipment? We are so glad to hear you like it! Thanks! - Respify
Respify the best
"Fantastic product the best"
Lloyd B.
Thanks so much, Lloyd! - Respify
Clean Air
"Very simple to use and it seems to be work8ng just fine... so far pleased with my purchase!"
John S.
Easy to use! No more soaking.
"Excellent experience. Would highly recommend! No more bad smells. "
Conrad T.
Hi Conrad. We are so happy to hear you are loving your Respify! - Respify
Can use everywhere!
"Used this amazing little triangle in Ua Pao, French Polynesia on sailboat in the middle of a harbor. Respify has solved the last problem for people who want to travel but couldn’t clean the CPAP properly. It fits into the tiny travel CPAP bag. "
Geraldine L.
Geraldine - Awesome to hear you were able to enjoy clean CPAP on your wonderful sailing trip in French Polynesia! Weather is not so wonderful here in the Chicago area, a week long Sail on crystal blue waters may be just what we need! ;-) Thanks again for sharing your Respify experience! - Respify
CPAP Cleaner
"I have use it on both of our CPAP mask and very satisfied with the results."
Bill G.
Hi Bill - Great to hear you are pleased with the Sanitizing results of your Respify! Appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback. Have a great week! - Respify
Bipap cleaning
"Great!!!!!can easily tell the difference "
Ronald B.
Respify Sanitizering Bag
"I have not used it yet. Still using the other plastic zip bag. Still love the product."
Susan H.
That is awesome to hear, Susan. Please let us know how you like the grey bag. Thanks again! - Respify
Working great so far
"Very pleased with the Respify Cleaner. It's worked great so far. I'm also pleased with the price. I just got a container so I'm going to try to use the Respify in that with both my wife's and my machine in it. "
Christopher C.
Clean CPAP
"No fuss way to clean my CPAP. Love it!!"
Roy R.
Great service
"Can’t believe how easy to clean no more washing by hand! We had trouble with the lid but with the great service they sent 2 new ones now that’s service!!"
Cherie G.
Respify CPAP Sanitizer
"I purchased for my husband. He says he thinks the air is fresher now."
Rose K.
So far, so good!
"I have cleaned my equipment daily and have found it so easy to do so. I have had no lung problems, which I used to have often. I used to wash my c-pap equipment at least every other day, just to keep from getting sick."
Rod W.
first use of Respify CPAP Cleaner
"I am very happy with your Respify. It is so easy to use and does not overwhelm the container or the user with strong ozone fumes. Does it's job perfectly. Perry Walter Viera, FL "
Perry W.
"I like this product. I feel and cpap equipment is clean with use. Would recommend this product to my friends. I'm a satisfied customer. "
Christine W.
"Fast delivery, easy to use product and the folks at this company are awesome!"
Daniel B.
Daniel - Thanks for the compliment! Great to hear you are happy with your purchase. - Respify