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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for stopping by!   If you don’t see an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us via -  support@respify.com

Who is Respify and where are you based out of?

River City Holdings LLC (RCH) owns and operates the Respify brand of respiratory equipment (A-PAP, BIPAP, CPAP) sanitizing products.  Located in the Chicago area, our mission is to transform the way millions of PAP users care for their equipment, by providing innovative and affordable products that simplify the ongoing task of sanitizing PAP equipment.   

How does Respify sanitize PAP Gear?

Respify utilizes Active Air to Sanitize PAP equipment. There is no liquids soaps or chemicals.   To clean your equipment, you simply place your mask or nasal pillows and headset, tubing and empty water reservoir in the Respify Zip It Sanitizing Bag or a Sealable tote, activate and seal.   

How long does it take?

The minimum recommended cycle is 2 hours, up to all day, there is no need to alter your schedule.   We recommend sanitizing in the morning or afternoon and tending to your equipment whenever it is convenient later in the day.

How does Active Air / O3 Work?

Active Air / O3 (Ozone) is an unstable molecule that naturally gravitates to germs, bacteria, and mildew, eliminating them at the molecular level.  In the process, O3 transforms back into Oxygen.   

The same technology is used throughout many industries such as Medical, Water Treatment and Hospitality, due to it's unrivaled effectiveness, without the use of harsh chemicals.    

How is Respify different than other popular PAP Sanitizers that utilize the same underlying technology?

The main difference is that it costs less and is completely portable.   Powered by an integrated lithium ion battery, respify is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet powerful enough to sanitize PAP equipment, without requiring space on a nightstand.   One simple, closed-system is all you need for both home and travel use.

I've been debating whether or not to spend upwards of $299 for another product, why should I buy respify?

Ultimately, that is a personal question that you need to answer for yourself.  We can say that if you are looking for a great product, that will simplify PAP cleaning and improve comfort without breaking the bank, respify is a great fit.   Asides from cost and portability, the other consideration is that there are no replacement parts or consumables.   

With respify you will remove your tubing (heated or unheated is ok) and place with mask and empty reservoir in our sanitizing bag or a tote.   Pretty simple, but something to consider.

How are your prices so much lower than other alternatives?

1.  We sell direct.   There are no middle men mark-ups. 

2. Marketing - There are no big dollar television placements that you are paying for.

3. Exclusively Online  - We do not have "Operators Standing By" .  We realize this potentially creates a "trust" issue for some potential customers.   The reality is that we can not support you properly without outsourcing calls overseas and we choose not to do that.  If you have any questions, email or message us and we try to be very responsive to our customers. 


How long does it take to get my order?

All orders ship within 36 hours of order placement M-F and are typically received within 2-7 Days within the U.S.  

Fulfillment for International Orders is the same, however delivery will be in-line with the service you choose at check-out. 

Do I need a prescription for Respify?

No.  Respify is a non-prescription PAP Sanitizing system.  No PAP equipment is included.    If you are looking for actual CPAP equipment, please contact your physician.

Will Insurance (Medicare, Private) Cover Respify?

No, unfortunately no insurance provider covers non-prescription PAP Cleaning equipment. 

Can I use my HSA (Healthcare Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spend Account?)

Yes we Accept HSA AND FSA.  

Do you have any Video's on Respify and how it works?

Yes, just search respify video or click here     

Is Active Air / O3 Safe?
Active Air is completely safe when used properly in an unoccupied space, such as a sealed respify sanitizing bag or container.  Unlike many other systems on the market, respify's unique, closed-system technology is optimized for effectiveness only in a small concealed space, such as the respify sanitizing bags or a sealed container.   

While output is optimized to avoid issues in an open, occupied space, one should always avoid direct exposure to O3 and use only as defined in our user guide.

What does the Sealable Sanitizing Bag or Tote have to do with Cleaning my PAP Equipment?

Respify's active air output is optimized to be effective only in a small concealed space.  This enables the active air densification required to be effective.  Left in an open room, it will not be effective.   Therefore, you will place your equipment in a Sealed Sanitizing Bag or Tote for Cleaning.

What kinds of PAP equipment can I clean with Respify?

Respify works with all PAP Types (A-PAP, BI-PAP, CPAP), All Brands, even Both Heated or Unheated Tubing, without the use of costly connectors or adapters.   

You will simply place your Mask/Headset, Tubing, Empty Reservoir in our Sanitizing Bag or a Sealable Tote of 16QTs or Less in Volume, seal and that's it!   

Does Respify Sanitize the CPAP Machine? 

Because other systems connect to the machine, it gives most people the impression that the "machine" being cleaned.  The reality is that the reservoir is acting as a bladder or inner-tube within the unit itself and therefore it's the reservoir, mask and tubing that are being sanitized.   These three things are the main culprits and it's recommended that you sanitize them on a regular cadence.

That said, you may also sanitize the machine itself with respify.   We recommend doing this up-front, when you first get respify and then a cadence in-line with PAP Machine filter replacement.  

Simply unplug the machine, remove the reservoir, opening up any compartments, before placing in the respify sanitizing bag or sealable tote.   


Does Respify work with heated hoses?

Yes, respify works with ALL Brands  of PAP equipment (Resmed, Phillips, Fisher Paykel, etc), as well as both heated and unheated hoses.   Manufacturers are named for example, none of them are affiliated or endorse Respify.

How Often Should I Sanitize my PAP Equipment with Respify?

There is no single answer that applies to everyone, as conditions will vary based upon environmental conditions. 

You will want to get on sanitizing cadence that keep ahead of musty, stale odor from reappearing.  For some, this may be daily, whereas for others, it's every few days.   There is no harm in using respify daily, so find a cadence that you are comfortable with 

Do you recommend rinsing the mask or nasal pillows?

Active Air will Sanitize equipment PERIOD, however it will not physically remove residue.   Therefore, we recommend a quick mask/pillow rinse daily, using a mild soap or wipes, just to remove any residue from skin contact.   

Bear in mind that if you didn't follow this recommendation, that your equipment would still be sanitized, however oil or residue from skin would still be present. 

Please note that this is true of ALL PAP Sanitizers that utilize Active Air or UV to to sanitize PAP equipment.    This is a quick rinse with a mild soap or wipe and not a "full-on" sink excursion of the past.   Respify will do the heavy lifting. 

How many cleaning cycles can I expect per charge?

A single charge will typically provide 3+ cleanings.

How do I replace the Battery? 

Respify uses an integrated Lithium Ion Battery, which enables the best price-performance ratio.   Because the battery is integrated, it also makes respify air travel compliant, even in carry-on bags or PAP travel kit.

The battery has a similar lifespan of a battery in mobile devices, which are rated for hundreds of recharges before slowly diminishing performance.   At 3+ cleanings per charge, there's no reason not to expect at a few years of use before replacement.   

Are there filters, adapters or replacement parts?

No, There's nothing to replace or special solutions, liquids, tablets or chemicals. 

What is your Return Policy?

All customers have 30 days to return undamaged product in original packaging for a full refund, less shipping costs.   Contact us at support@respify.com and we can email you a prepaid return label and deduct it from the cost of shipping.   ($5 for the $69.99 and $8 for the 99.99 package) 

How will I know if my Respify is working?

Respify generates virtually zero sound and O3 is colorless, so you will not "see or hear" the active air.  However, there are LED indicators on the device that indicate it is operating.   

More importantly, after a sanitizing cycle, there will be complete absence of stale, musty odor and there will be a prominent, fresh scent.   

Respify uses no fragrances, chemicals or soaps;  it is the active air breaking down bacteria and odor, replacing it with a light, fresh scent.   

Active Air has a very high cleaning efficacy.  User's have a much greater chance of being sensitive to the fresh scent, than wondering if it's working.   

If you are unfamiliar with active air, it is completely normal to wonder during your first cleaning session "what the heck is going on?"  Seemingly nothing, until you wrap up a two hour sanitizing session and unzip the bag or unseal the tote. 

What is the cleaning efficiency of respify?

Respify may eliminate up to 99.8%* of bacteria, mold and fungus, in a concealed space of 16QTs or less.  However, we must be very clear that actual performance can vary depending upon environmental conditions, and we do not guarantee specific results.   Just like soaps, sanitizers and detergents "mileage can vary", which is a reality dependent upon many outside factors.   Question any company that tells you differently.  

Our bottom line is that if you are not convinced that Respify is right for you, simply return the product within 30 days and we will refund your money, less shipping costs.   As noted above, users have a much greater chance of being sensitive to the fresh residual scent, than doubting it's effectiveness.  

I've had a cough or runny nose now for awhile, can you guarantee that respify will cure it?

While many respify users have seen profound improvement in respiratory heath as a result of using respify to sanitize their PAP equipment  (many of whom who have documented in product reviews), we do not advertise or guarantee these results. 

While germs or mold from dirty CPAP "may" be an individuals underlying cause of coughs, colds and other respiratory illness, the reality is that unsanitary PAP equipment very well may not be the cause of an individuals ailments and it would be irresponsible at best to suggest respify is a cure all.     That said, if your particular condition is a result of unsanitary PAP or exacerbated by unsanitary PAP equipment, Respify may deliver dramatic results.

If I have COPD or another Respiratory Condition is Respify ok to Use?

If you have ANY respiratory conditions beyond OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) such as COPD, etc., we would not recommend using our product without consulting your physician prior. 

We are not medical doctors and do not provide medical advice of any sort.   If you have ANY concerns, please consult your medical professional before using Respify.

Will Respify extend the life of my cpap mask, hose and equipment?

No Respify is not intended to be used to extend life of CPAP equipment.  Please refer to your specific PAP Manufactures guidance on cleaning and replacement. 

Respify will keep your equipment clean, however silicone and other parts naturally lose their seal (with or without O3 cleaning) and we recommend replacement inline with your your manufacturers guidelines.

What CPAP Manufacturers do you recommend?

While Respify will work with ALL PAP Types, we do not recommend any specific CPAP manufacturers, nor do they endorse respify.  Please consult your physician for guidance.

What if my organization would like to resell your product?

Currently, we are direct to market.   Please pass along your information and we will contact you if that should change in the future.

Still have your doubts?   

We recommend you read this article on why you should clean your cpap.   It is written by a doctor that reviews the various cleaning methods.   The product he recommends at the end is not ours, so we don't even have a horse in the race.  However, our product uses the same underlying cleaning technology, at a fraction of the cost.  You may view the article here .   Please Note that You will be Leaving the Respify Website.

Thanks for your interest in Respify! 

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