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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for stopping by!   If you don’t see an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us:  support@respify.com

Who is Respify™  I've never heard of you?

Respify is a privately held company in the Chicago area that focuses on one thing...making living with CPAP easier and more comfortable for everyone, without breaking the bank!   You won't see special financing or credit offers from us.

Sounds Great, but also sounds way too good to be true!?

We've been around the block.  If your not thinking  "if it sounds to good to be true....." go check sleep shop prices and then pinch yourself.

Here's the reality.   A few years ago you couldn't buy a decent razor for $4, much less $1.  Fast forward to today and times have changed.

Respify believes in the same principles: provide a decent product, at a decent price, delivered directly to your door---100%, Backed by our 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee.

(Spoiler Alert....we will ask you why, simply to understand if there's anything we can do to improve our product and experience....not to make it difficult)

"Yeah Sure....You get What you Pay For"... 

This is absolutely True.   With respify you are NOT getting big dollar television and radio placements.   You are not getting costly dealer mark-ups.  No Operators "standing by" and certainly no special financing. 

The good news is that your not paying for any of these things! 

What you will get is fair pricing, a quality product and support--Backed by Our 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee.   Give Respify a shot and If you aren't completely satisfied, send it back for a complete refund less shipping.

Ok, I'm following you....but is it going to take a month to get my Order?

All orders ship within 36 hours of order placement M-F and are typically received within 2-7 Days within the U.S.  

Fulfillment for International Orders is the same, however delivery will be in-line with the service you choose at check-out. 

Do I need a Prescription for this Product?

No.  Respify is a non-prescription CPAP sanitizing product.  If you are looking for actual CPAP equipment (CPAP Machine, Mask, Hose), please contact your medical provider.

Will Medicare/Medicaid Cover Respify?

No, unfortunately no insurance provider covers non-prescription CPAP Cleaning equipment. 

Can I use my HSA (Healthcare Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spend Account?)

Yes we Accept HSA AND FSA.   If you have an issue, please notify us so that we are aware of any HSA/FSA group not supporting your qualified purchase.

Do you have any Youtube or Video's on Respify and how it works?

Yes, just search respify videos or click here 

How does the Respify CPAP Sanitizer work?
Respify sanitizes all brands and models of PAP Equipment with active air (O3), with is also mother nature's most powerful and natural cleaning agents.  Many people equate the fresh scent with that mountain fresh breeze, before or after a storm. 

The same technology is also used in the Medical, Hospitality and Water Treatment Industries, due to its unrivaled effectiveness without the use of harsh chemicals.    

Is Active Air / O3 Safe?
Active Air is completely safe when used properly in an unoccupied space, such as a sealed respify sanitizing bag or container.  Unlike many other systems on the market, respify's unique, closed-system technology is optimized for effectiveness only in a small concealed space, such as the respify sanitizing bags or a sealed container.   

While output is optimized to avoid potential issues in an open, occupied space, one should always avoid direct exposure to O3 and use only as defined in our instruction manual.  

What does the Sealable Sanitizing Bag or Tote have to do with Cleaning my PAP Equipment?

Respify's active air output is optimized to be effective only in a small concealed space.  This enables the active air densification required to be effective.  Left in an open room, it will not be effective.   Therefore, you will place your equipment in a Sealed Sanitizing Bag or Tote for Cleaning.

What kinds of PAP equipment can I clean with Respify?

Respify works with all PAP Types (A-PAP, BI-PAP, CPAP), All Brands, even Both Heated or Unheated Tubing, without the use of costly connectors or adapters.   

You will simply place your Mask/Headset, Tubing, Empty Reservoir in our Sanitizing Bag or a Sealable Tote of 16QTs or Less in Volume, seal and that's it!   

While the main bacteria/germ carrying culprits are the Mask, Tubing and Reservoir, you can even sanitize your entire machine, but simply unplugging it and placing it in the sanitizing bag or sealable tote.   We do not recommend sanitizing as frequently as the other components, but cleaning initially and then a cadence that aligns with machine filter replacement, is a great way to ensure your entire system is clean.

We have not had a single issue yet with Resmeds F20 foam masks.  It is worth noting that the most difficult item and one of the most problematic is tubing, and respify solves this challenge.

What about cleaning the actual CPAP Machine?

Absolutely!   As noted above, we don't believe it is required as frequently as the other components, but you may unplug your machine, remove reservoir and place it in a sanitizing tote or bag with compartments open, for a comprehensive cleaning.   We recommend doing this when you first get respify and then a cadence in-line with PAP Machine Filter Replacement.   If you wish to do this more often, that's ok too!

Does this work with heated hoses?

Yes, it works with ALL Brands Resmed, Phillips, Fisher Paykel, etc, as well as both heated and unheated hoses.   Manufacturers are named for example, NONE of the names above are affiliated with, or endorse Respify, but it works with all of them.

How Often Should I Sanitize my Equipment with Respify?

There is no single correct answer as conditions will vary dependent upon whether or not humidification is used, how much and other environmental conditions.  

The bottom line is that you want to get on a cadence of sanitizing BEFORE musty / stale odor begins to re-appear.   For some, this may be daily, for others this could be every few days or weekly.   There is no harm in using respify daily, so find a cadence that you are comfortable with and don't look back.  

If you are anything like us, a good deep cleaning never really occurred, so finding a schedule that stays ahead of the curve and that allows you to become consistent, is a huge step in the right direction.

Do you recommend rinsing the mask or nasal pillows?

Yes.   Active Air will Sanitize equipment PERIOD, however it will not physically remove residue.   Therefore, we recommend a quick mask or pillow rinse daily with mild soap, just to remove any residue from contact with skin.  

This is true of ALL CPAP Sanitizers that use active air, including $299 units and is NOT unique to Respify.   The key is that this is a quick rinse with a mild soap or wipe and not a full-on sink excursion of the past--respify will do the heavy lifting.

How many cleaning cycles can I expect per charge?

A single charge will provide 4+ cleanings.  Typically charging once a week is more than sufficient. 

How do I replace the Battery? 

Respify uses an integrated Lithium Ion Battery, which enables the BEST cost/price performance ratio and enables it to travel with ease, across continents.   Like Mobile devices, the battery is rated for hundreds of recharges and should last years.   At 5+ cleanings per charge, this is a LOT of cleanings Pennies per treatment!

Eventually, when respify needs to be replaced (years not months), we offer exclusive discounts to our existing customers, making your next system even more affordable. 

How Long does a Cleaning Take?

We recommend a two hour cycle.   Don't think of cleaning your gear as a timed  "race".  The entire set up time is about 2 minutes or less and then you are completely free to go about your day.   There is no need to alter your schedule, you may initiate a cleaning in the morning and remove your gear in the evening.  Not only is it not going to harm your gear, you will still see 4+ cleanings per charge. 

Are there filters, adapters or replacement parts?

No, There's nothing to replace or special solutions, liquids, tablets or chemicals. 

What is your Return Policy?

You have 30 days to return undamaged product in original packaging for a full refund, less shipping costs.   Contact us at support@respify.com and we can provide a prepaid return label if you have the ability to print it.

How will I know respfify works?

There are LED indicators that the device is operating, but more importantly, musty odor will be replaced with a fresh, clean scent.  it will be completely obvious and not "hmmm I notice no difference, what happened"?

Respify uses no fragrances, chemicals or soaps;  it is the active air breaking down bacteria and odor, replacing it with a light, fresh residual scent. 

Active Air has a super high cleaning efficacy.  User's have a much greater chance of being sensitive to the fresh scent, than wondering if it's working.   

Please note that Respify does not generate sound, the key is simply to ensure you have a solid light at the start of your sanitizing cycle and simply be patient and allow at least 2 hours.   

Without a doubt, you will embark on your first sanitizing session, thinking you just fell for a little old fashioned snake oil, until you remove your gear from the sanitizing bag or tote, noticing complete absence of stale, musty odor, replaced by a fresh, light scent.   Respify does not us any soaps, liquids or fragrance of any sort, this is the residual fresh scent of the active air after a sanitizing.

What is the cleaning efficiency of respify?

Respify may eliminate up to 99.8%* of bacteria, mold and fungus, in a concealed space of 16QTs or less--However  we must be very clear that actual performance can vary depending upon environmental conditions, and we do not guarantee specific results.   Just like soaps, sanitizers and detergents "mileage can vary", which is a reality dependent upon many outside factors.   Question any company that tells you different.    

Our bottom line is that if you are not convinced that Respify is right for you, simply return the product within 30 days and we will refund your money, less shipping costs.   As noted above, users have a much greater chance of being sensitive to the fresh residual scent, than doubting it's effectiveness.  

I've had a cough or runny nose now for awhile, can you guarantee that respify will cure it?

While many respify users have seen profound results as a result of clean cpap equipment (many of whom who have documented in product reviews), we do not advertise or guarantee such results.   

While germs or mold from dirty CPAP "may" be an underlying cause of coughs, colds or other respiratory illness, the reality is that there could be hundreds of underlying causes of such conditions and respify is not a cure-all.   That said, if your particular condition is brought on, or exacerbated by unsanitary PAP equipment, Respify may deliver dramatic results.

If I have COPD or another Respiratory Condition is Respify ok to Use?

If you have ANY respiratory conditions beyond OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) such as COPD, etc., we would not recommend using our product without consulting your physician prior.  We are not medical doctors and do not provide medical advice of any sort.   If you have ANY concerns, please consult your medical professional before using respify.

Will Respify extend the life of my cpap mask, hose and equipment?

No Respify is not intended to be used to extend life of CPAP equipment.  Please refer to your specific PAP Manufactures guidance on cleaning and replacement. 

Respify will keep your equipment clean, however silicone and other parts naturally lose their seal (with or without O3 cleaning) and we recommend replacement inline with your your manufacturers guidelines.

What CPAP Manufacturers do you recommend?

While Respify will work with ALL PAP Types, we do not recommend any specific CPAP manufacturers, nor do they endorse respify.  Please consult your physician for guidance.

What if my organization would like to resell your product?

Currently, we are direct to market.   Please pass along your information and we will contact you if that should change in the future.

Still have your doubts?   

We recommend you read this article on why you should clean your cpap.   It is written by a doctor that reviews the various cleaning methods.   The product he recommends at the end is not ours, so we don't even have a horse in the race.  However, our product uses the same underlying cleaning technology, at a fraction of the cost.  You may view the article here .   Please Note that You will be Leaving the Respify Website.

Thanks for your interest in Respify! 

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