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CPAP Machine Cleaner Misconceptions

by Michelle A |

Many PAP users struggle to clean sleep equipment as frequently as recommended by equipment manufacturers, to ensure safe and effective treatment.

CPAP Cleaners like Respify can help, but there are many misconceptions regarding the technology. 

Without further ado...

A CPAP Machine Cleaner is a "Cleaner."

False - Virtually all CPAP users identify this classification of products as a CPAP Cleaner or CPAP Machine Cleaner. In reality, Respify and other systems that use ozone or UV light to disinfect sleep equipment are "sanitizers."

The distinction is that Respify will eliminate up to 99.9% bacteria, viruses, and mildew but will not physically remove residue, such as oil, from the skin. Most systems, including Respify, recommend a quick daily rinse or wipe to the mask cushion or nasal pillows before or after disinfecting equipment. CPAP Cleaners take the heavy lifting out of disinfecting PAP equipment, especially difficult to reach places, like crevices and the inside of PAP tubing. 


The Purpose of a CPAP Machine Cleaner is to sanitize the "CPAP Machine."

False - CPAP Cleaners are intended to disinfect the three things that require frequent cleaning per most sleep equipment manufacturers:

- Nasal Interface (Mask or Pillows)

- Tubing (Heated or Unheated)

- Reservoir (Water Chamber)

Some systems terminate the CPAP machine to sanitize the water chamber, whereas Respify sanitizes these three things without the CPAP Machine involved in the process. 


ALL CPAP Cleaners Pose Risk to CPAP Machines (Phillips Foam or ResMed Machine Warranty).

False - Not all CPAP Machine Cleaners terminate the CPAP Machine to sanitize the Water Chamber (Reservoir). Respify sanitizes the nasal interface, tubing, and reservoir without involving the CPAP Machine in the process. Because the CPAP Machine is not engaged in the process, there is no need to worry about potential PAP Machine implications.  


CPAP Cleaners will Extend the Life of Sleep Equipment.

False - Respify and other CPAP Cleaners will not extend the useful life of sleep equipment but can make treatment germ-free and more comfortable.

All materials naturally lose resiliency over time, resulting in performance degradation and less effective therapy. As a result, most sleep equipment manufacturers publish replacement guidelines to ensure effective treatment, and we recommend that they be followed. 


Disclaimer: Anyone with a respiratory condition beyond OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) should consult their physician BEFORE using Respify.

River City Holdings LLC "Respify" is NOT affiliated with PAP equipment manufacturers. No sleep equipment is included with purchase, and Respify is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases. 

Always follow equipment manufacturers' guidelines for maintenance and replacement of gear. Visit respify.com for complete terms and conditions. 

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