Your Asking the Wrong Question...Take 1 Minute and Understand Why

Medicare and Medicare Part B do NOT cover CPAP Cleaning Machines and you should thank them, because you'd still be grossly overpaying at your 20% copay in our humble opinion! 

Simple Math: 

  • $60 <--Your 20% Co-Pay 

  • $70  <---Cleaning Solution, Filters Year One (this never ends)

  • $120 <--Your Out of Pocket IF Medicare Covered So Clean + $70 each year thereafter.   In Retirement, for a CPAP Cleaner!? 

Before we bother giving you and offer that you won't believe, do yourself this one favor and go to Ebay (we won't even give you link to click.  Your safe, find EBAY....and search "RESPIFY" and Read Reviews. 

Spend less you would have and if your not thrilled, we'll take it back and refund your money.  No B.S. No Jumping through Hoops.

Or use code MEDICARE10 Here and save 10% with Free Shipping.  If $45 out of Pocket Breaks the Bank, we hate to tell you , but you really like doing a lot of work or don't care about the mold and junk your breathing.