Q & A

    Is Respify™ compatible with all APAP, BIPAP, CPAP equipment?

    Yes, Respify works with all types of PAP equipment without the need for adapters. 

    Does Respify require a prescription?

    No, Respify is a non-prescription CPAP cleaning system.

    Will insurance cover the cost of Respify?

    No, unfortunately no insurance, including medicare and private plans will cover the cost of CPAP cleaning equipment.  

    Can I use my HSA or FSA card to purchase Respify?

    Yes, simply use your HSA/FSA card at checkout. 

    How long will it take to get my order?

    U.S. delivery is typically 3 days, depending upon the class of service selected at checkout.  Orders before 12pm central are fulfilled the same day m-f before 12pm central.

    How does Respify clean CPAP equipment?

    Respify utilizes Active Air, also called O3 or Ozone to sanitize CPAP equipment.

    Active Air is up to 3000x as powerful as bleach, except there are no messy liquids. The same underlying technology is used in the medical and water treatment Industries.

    Is there anything that needs to be refilled or replaced?

    No, there are no consumables or replacement parts.  

    Are there filters, adapters or other replacement parts?

    No, there are no adapters, filters or replacement parts.

    Does Respify work with heated tubing?

    Yes, Respify is compatible with both heated and non-heated tubing / hoses.

    Does Respify work with full-face masks and nasal pillows?

    Yes, Respify works with all full-face masks and nasal pillows.

    Do you recommend wiping the mask or nasal pillows?

    Yes, we recommend a daily quick wipe of mask or nasal pillows, simply to remove any residue from skin.

    Like other popular CPAP cleaning machines that use UV or Active Air, Respify will sanitize regardless, but it will not physically remove residue. This is a brief, 15-30 second exercise and not the typical "Sink Excursion."

    I have a mask with a foam insert, may this be sanitized?

    We recommend that you wipe the foam insert, as guided by the manufacturer, sanitizing the frame, tubing and reservoir.

    Does Respify automatically power off after a cleaning cycle?

    Yes, upon cycle completion, Respify powers-off automatically.

    Does using Respify put my Resmed CPAP machine warranty at risk?

    No. Because Respify sanitizes the 3 things that need it most (CPAP Mask, Tubing & Reservoir) without the machine being involved in the process, there is no impact.   

    Disclaimer:  Resmed is NOT affiliated with Respify, nor do they endorse Respify or any other CPAP Cleaning Machines,   We are answering this question relative to our product and because it is top of mind for many CPAP and BIPAP users. 

    What if I want to Sanitize my CPAP Machine with Respify?

    The three things that need to be sanitized most frequently are the mask, tubing and reservoir. From day one, Respify was designed to solve this challenge and does so without involving the machine.  

    For Respify customers that have asked, we've maintained that sanitizing the machine once a month, a cadence aligned with filter replacement, will compliment the manufacturers machine cleaning guidance. From our experience, sanitizing the machine monthly with Respify is reasonable and will not cause harm to a machine (ozone damage would present itself in the form of oxidation). 

    While we still believe sanitizing the machine itself every 4 weeks will compliment the machine manufacturers guidelines, it is ultimately up to you whether or not you do this. In reality, wiping the machine down as recommended by manufacturers is not difficult, and doesn't require nearly the time or hassle, in our opinion. 

    What is your return policy?

    If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you may return your purchase within 30 days for a complete refund, less shipping. 

    Contact us at support@respify.com or phone 630-444-7020 M-F from 9am to 5pm central and will note your order and provide you with our return shipping address in the Chicago area. 

    Once we receive your return in original undamaged condition, including box and accessories, we will complete your return and you will receive 100% of your purchase price back, less shipping. Please note that a 10% restocking fee will apply if and only if, free priority shipping was provided upon purchase. 

    Please allow up to 5 business days for the return to be processed and email confirmation. 

    How long does it take to start a cleaning cycle?

    It should take you about 2-3 minutes to wipe your mask or nasal pillows, before placing everything in the sanitizing bag. At this point you may go about your day. 

    See the 2nd picture here for process.

    How long does a cleaning cycle take?

    The sanitizing time is 30 minutes, followed by a recommended 1-hour immersion time, which is illustrated by a light indicator before automatically powering off.

    Why is the Respify cycle time longer than some others advertise?

    Ozone is an oxidant, think of it like bleach without the mess.

    If you've ever bleached a load of whites, you will note that the cycle is typically longer than a normal wash cycle and that most of the time is allocated to allowing the clothes to "soak". 

    The same applies when sanitizing CPAP equipment with ozone and marketing doesn't change this. 

    Respify 2.0 cycle-time includes the run-time, as well as the immersion time, which are both illustrated by light indicators.  At the end of the cycle, the device powers off and it's "lights out."

    Some others appear to put marketing hype before reality, not something we'd suggest if you are going to invest in yourself.

    How can you say that 90 minutes is "fast and easy?"

    Forget about the cycle time and think about the set up time. It takes most people a few minutes to place their gear in the bag or tote, power on the Respify device and seal it up.  Bingo...done.

    If you sanitize in the morning or afternoon as recommended, the idea is to start a cycle and go about your day.  Respify will sanitize your equipment and then power off. You may tend to your gear 3 hours or 3 days later--whenever it is convenient.

    Don't think of sanitizing your gear like putting something on the stove or in the oven, there's no need to be around when the cycle ends. You are making an investment in yourself, don't cut yourself short and take your extra free time. 

    How often should I sanitize my equipment?

    If you want to be the most vigilant, we recommend daily. Because environmental conditions vary (humidification level, ambient temperature, wellness, etc), we can't tell you what works for one person will work for the next. 

    Many Respify users choose to sanitize every few days or even weekly, wiping their mask or pillows on the off days.  We suggest that you find a cadence that you are comfortable with and that works for you.

    How is the Respify price so much less than some of the popular CPAP cleaners? 

    • We sell direct, there is no middle man markup.
    • We do not have big television advertising budgets to pay for.
    • We rely heavily on referrals from sleep clinics and customers--which of course wouldn't happen with a substandard product and/or poor service. 

    How is Respify different than other "new names" in CPAP Cleaning?

    Disclaimer: The following is our personal opinion. We do not speak for our competitors and encourage you to contact them directly for their perspective.

    • Respify specializes in CPAP cleaning exclusively
    • We are located in the states, support veterans and the local economy.
    • We stock inventory and ship fast--to your door in 2-5 days, not 30+
    • Respify enables you to sanitize the 3 things that need it most (mask, tubing, reservoir), without involving the machine--thus no machine warranty issues.
    • Respify is compatible with all APAP, BIPAP, CPAP, VPAP, etc
    • No Adapters or Recurring Costs. 
    • Sanitize up to two sets of gear in a single cycle. 
    • US support 7 days a week
    • 30 day no hassle returns to the Chicago area, vs. overseas

    With the recent surge in options, we've literally heard it all over the past few months.  

    "I ordered a CleanZone Now on TV back on December 26th for my son in-law and he still hasn't received it!  I called and they can't give me a tracking number or even tell me when it will arrive!" - Judy C.

    "Wish I would have found you guys first; I ordered another $99 CPAP Cleaner that I found online.  It took weeks to receive the package and they didn't include the bag.  3 weeks later the bag arrived and when I tried to return it, they told me it was past the 30 days!" Bonnie F.

    I noticed that you don't have many negative reviews, which makes me a bit skeptical?

    All of our reviews are from everyday customers like yourself—many of which can’t believe it’s going to work but take a leap of faith.  Trust us, you’re not the first and won’t be the last to be a bit skeptical. 

    For additional assurance, check us out on Facebook and eBay 

    Is Respify FDA approved? (American Lung Association, etc.)

    If you see FDA "Approved" or health related endorsements on other products, we encourage you to to consider taking your business elsewhere. 

    The FDA mandates "approval" requirements to pharmaceuticals and complex medical equipment--NOT CPAP Cleaners. In other words, there's no such thing as a CPAP cleaner being FDA Approve, so the marketing claim is complete nonsense.

    The only caveat worth clarifying is that any company can pay to "register" a product with the FDA. Make no mistake, FDA registration is not "FDA Approved".

    FDA Registered is more like a marketing tactic, knowing that many consumers will equate the logo with FDA approval. None of the companies we've seen advertise the FDA logo are even FDA registered. Feel free to look up any product here

    What is the difference between this product and the Deluxe Home and Travel System?

    The Respify 2.0 Deluxe package includes BOTH the gray zip bag, PLUS a tote. 

    Does Respify work with heated tubing or a heated hose?

    Yes, Respify is compatible with both heated and non-heated tubing / hoses without the need for special adapters.

    Do you recommend wiping the mask or nasal pillows?

    Yes, a daily quick rinse or wipe of mask / pillows is recommended to remove any residue from your skin. Respify™ will eliminate bacteria and germs regardless, but it will not physically remove residue.

    Please note that this is true of ALL PAP Sanitizers that utilize O3 or UV to sanitize PAP equipment and is not unique to Respify.

    This is a brief, 15-30 second exercise, not the typical "Sink Excursion".

    How will I know if my Respify is working?

    There are light indicators on all of our products and the 2.0 version has a fan that most people can hear and feel. Never use Respify as an inhalant, but it is ok to give a quick sniff after starting to see if you smell ozone.   

    What does the residual fresh scent smell like?

    As documented by many scientific studies, individual interpretation of a scent varies greatly. We've literally received over 50 interpretations and each is "right" to that individual.

    One commonality is that most people build a tolerance over several weeks and they don't find the scent as pronounced, regardless of disposition. We've found that over 99% of our customers much prefer the fresh scent over musty CPAP odor.  

    What is the cleaning efficiency of Respify™?

    Respify™ may eliminate up to 99.9%* of all typical bacteria, mold and fungus, found in PAP environments when used as directed.  However, we must be very clear that actual results vary based on environmental conditions and therefore we do not guarantee specific results.*  

    Just like other household cleaning products, "actual results may vary." This is a reality dependent upon many outside factors. Our bottom line is that if you are not convinced that Respify is right for you, simply take us up on our 30 day, no-hassle return policy above.

    Based upon actual user response, there's a much greater probability that you will find it to be too strong, vs. questioning efficacy. 

    I am new to CPAP, do you recommend Respify?

    Absolutely, but we suggest that you get comfortable with CPAP before introducing another "new" thing to your daily sleep routine. 

    Will Respify cure my congestion, cough or other health condition?

    While many of our customers have experienced less congestion, coughing, etc. as a benefit of clean CPAP, these things can manifest from any number of physical and environmental factors. Therefore, we do not imply, suggest or guarantee that Respify will improve any ailments that you may be experiencing. 

    Disclaimer:  Nothing from our website, marketing or communications should be used as a substitute for sound medical advice from a medical doctor. If you are experiencing symptoms of any sort and are not comfortable, we encourage you to speak with your physician.

    I have COPD (or other health condition), is Respify ok to use?

    If you have ANY respiratory or medical condition beyond Obstructive Sleep Apnea, you should consult your physician before using Respify.

    Will Respify extend the life of my PAP equipment?

    Respify will not extend the life of PAP equipment.  We question the integrity of any company that advises you otherwise. Please refer to your equipment manufacturers replacement guidelines for specifics.  

    I am allergic to any scents, do you recommend Respify?

    If you are allergic to scents, we do not recommend Respify. 

    I've read that cleaning my mask with ozone may cause discoloration?

    With tens of thousands of Respify sold, we've had just a few reports of discoloration.  Discoloration is the yellowing of equipment and is not harmful and will not impact performance; assuming that the equipment is within its useful life, as define by the manufacturer.

    Of the handful of reports we've had, three involved the plastic tabs on a headset and one involved the frame on an n30i model. It is not common to find yellowing in the cushion or nasal pillow itself, as these are typically manufactured with quality silicone, which won't yellow from ozone but will discolor over long periods of time, typically well beyond the useful life of equipment.   

    While ozone "could" be the culprit of discoloring, it is not uncommon to find reports of discoloration (3rd party site), on new equipment without ozone being used to sanitized; so it can happen. Ironically, of the handful of discoloration reports we've received, they've all originated from a single DME, however differing models. 

    What if my company would like to resell your product?

    At this time, we sell exclusively direct to consumer.

    How can I reach Respify customer support? 

    We are available 7 days a week via email at support@respify.com or if you may call us at 630-444-7020 M-F from 9am to 6pm central time.   

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