Machine Cleaning

Does Respify™ clean the machine itself?

YES - with Respify™ the machine, mask, tubing AND reservoir may be sanitized in a single cycle.

We receive this question frequently, as consumers are led to believe that other portable cleaners that connect to the tubing, sanitize the machine itself. 

The reality is that most other portable systems do NOT sanitize the entire machine and may not even provide a method to sanitize the mask and headset.   

Respify Bag

Keep in mind that manufactures and most physicians recommend cleaning mask, tubing and reservoirs daily, and wiping down the machine every few weeks.   We agree, but believe it makes sense to sanitize your machine given you have the capability to do so with Respify™

We recommend sanitizing your machine when you first get Respify™ and then a cadence aligned with PAP Machine filter replacement (every 4 weeks).

  • Just remove the reservoir, unplug and open up all compartments on the machine to allow maximum air immersion.
  • Remove the filter and place inside the bag, along with the machine.
  • You can do this every 3 or 4 weeks in a single cycle with all other components.
  • More frequently is ok, but we don’t believe it’s required unless traveling and gear has been on airport conveyors or hotel nightstands.

What do you mean by "many other portable systems do not sanitize the entire machine"? 

In the example above:

The tubing and empty water reservoir are being sanitized.   

The machine and mask are not. 

Independent of PAP machine brand and type, the reservoir acts as a bladder inside the machine, sealing it off with the exception of the openings that allow air into the machine via the filter ingress port and out through the tubing.   

  • Therefore, ozone immerses the tubing, empty reservoir and then passes through opening in the back of the machine, allowing ozone into the room air.   
  • Ozone is not getting behind the reservoir, into the innards of the unit.
  • Nor is it sanitizing the outside of the machine, which can turn into a "television remote or cell phone" in terms of germs and bacteria.
  • Furthermore, in the example above, the mask is not sanitized, unless done in a separate cleaning cycle (assuming that a method for doing so is provided).

In the example below, they tried to emulate our bag material and zipper, but turned it into a bento snack box, measuring roughly 7 x 9 inches.   

The reservoir and mask may be sanitized, if they fit.

The machine is not being sanitized.

In summary, most other portable systems: 

  • Do not sanitize the machine, but sanitize the tubing, reservoir and air ingress/egress on the machine, allowing O3 into the room unless a plug is provided. 
  • Many do not offer a solution to sanitize the mask.
  • Special adapters are often required and are prone to being lost, broken or obsolete in the event of changes in gear. 
  • Cycle times of 20 to 30 minutes don't tell the full story (more on that below)

How long is the Respify™ sanitizing cycle time?

1.5 hours - illustrated by light indicators and automatic power off.

This is required for proper sanitizing AND to allow time for O3 to decompose back into oxygen.  Engineering does not change this fact. 

Why is the Respify™ cycle longer than the 30 minutes others advertise?

We question the integrity of any outfit that tells you anything under an hour. 

Active Air needs time to eliminate bacteria AND decompose back into oxygen.  Also don't forget that some other systems require multiple cycles to sanitize the mask, tubing and reservoir, leaving the machine itself out.   

Beware of the the outfits advertising "FDA Approved, 20 minute cycles, 5 year Warranty" etc.   Most are overseas sellers, shilling anything from t-shirts to electronics to make a quick buck, and don't think twice about closing shop and popping up under another "brand".   

Does this apply to everyone?  Of course not, but do your homework.  Check where they ship from, what the turnaround times are and if decide to return it, what is the return shipping address.   

Many pull the "Due to high demand, item may take 4 weeks to arrive".   The translation on this one is "we ship directly from China via parcel post, so it could take 5 weeks and don't provide order confirmation or tracking information.  

I've been considering a more expensive product, why should I buy Respify™?

Great question.  It really boils down to the things that are most important to you and budget.

If you place the ultimate premium on “one and done” (set up once and don’t touch again except for maintenance), there’s a popular product on the market that we’d recommend if $340+ is in your budget.    If that’s the case, please consider Respify™ for your travel needs.

If you’re like most of us, either on a budget or simply conscious of the dollar, we believe Respify™ is a fantastic option.

  • Universal PAP compatibility, no adapters, no recurring costs.
  • U.S. company, military discounts, and local support 7 days a week.
  • One Respify™ system covers BOTH home and travel.
  • Respify™ can sanitize machine, mask, tubing and reservoir in a single cycle.
  • Even sanitize 2 sets of gear in single sanitizing cycle.
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee - If you are not satisfied, simply return the undamaged product and receive a full refund, less the cost of shipping.
  • Same day shipping for orders before 12pm Central M- F.