About Us

I can't speak for you, but I was one of the 70% that wasn't so consistent with cleaning my gear.

I personally had great intentions and not so great follow-through.  If it wasn't my wife hounding me that I needed to clean my CPAP, it was the musty odor reminding me that it's time to do something more than wiping my nasal pillows (mask).   

In five years, I never cleaned my tubing.  I'd replace equipment as frequently as possible, but even with good insurance, it wasn't often enough to keep germ associated odor from creeping back in.

I had seen the TV Advertisement for a CPAP Cleaner, but besides not wanting to spend $300, I really didn't want something else on my nightstand that screamed CPAP.  

Don't get me wrong.  I've got zero shame about sleep apnea and CPAP.  I talk to anyone that will listen about how it can be a game changer.  For me it's about getting back into life, more energy, vs. more "medical" things that feel sterile and medical-like.

The other issue for me is that I travel frequently and dislike checking bags.  If you don't travel often, this isn't going to resonate, but it's always fun having TSA pull out the CPAP and handle it on a germ smothered table with gloves that have touched God knows what.  I really wanted something to sanitize my equipment while I traveled and  wasn't going to spend another $200 to carry along a travel cleaner the size of a small boat anchor.  Asides from taking up too much space, I could envision TSA pulling it out, for all to bask in it's glory. 

Fast forward 12 months and Respify was born.

Respify is completely portable, super effective and is a small fraction of the size and cost of other cpap cleaners.

Does it have special adapters for various machine types or a connector depending upon the tubing you use? No. It's a much simpler approach using the same underlying cleaning technology.  

This means you will have to place your mask, tubing, empty water reservoir and even unplugged machine in a sealable tote or bag to be sanitized, but then simply press a button and forget about it.  

The factor that probably resonates the most with our customers is the affordability and the fact that it works great.  For a small fraction of the price of other options out there, you can get a great system with 30 day assurance guarantee at a reasonable price with decent customer support.

Whether you've done your research and know you aren't going to spend $200+ or your simply tired of cleaning your PAP or being reminded by the odor that its time to clean it, you can't go wrong with respify.   

I'd encourage you to read our reviews and to purchase with confidence, knowing you have our commitment to service and support.