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Save Time

No messy liquids or soaps. Start & go about your day.

Clean Smart

Fast and Easy with no risk to machine warranty.

Sleep Well

Peace of mind, without breaking the bank.

How Respify Works

PAP Gear Ready to be Sanitized

Compatible with full face masks or nasal pillows, heated & unheated tubing, as well as all BIPAP & CPAP reservoir types. Sanitize the 3 things that require frequent maintenance without any risk to PAP Machine warranty.

Start Respify Cycle

Activate the Respify device with a push of the button, before placing with sleep equipment inside the provided Respify Zip-It Bag.

Seal & Go About your Day.

Respify will complete a 90 minute cycle, before automatically powering off. Simply reconnect gear later in the day or evening and enjoy fresh, sanitized sleep equipment.

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Respify CPAP BIPAP Sanitizing Products


Respify™ Zip-It Bag

$34.99  $29.99