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Save Time

No messy liquids or soaps; place PAP mask or nasal pillows, tubing, and reservoir in the Zip-It bag, start a cycle, and go about your day!

Improve Compliance

Proven Technology sanitizes up to 99.9% of pathogens common to PAP. Because it's easy, there are no more excuses for using unsanitary gear.

Sleep Well

Enjoy peace of mind at home and on the road with no ongoing costs, a 12-month warranty & no risk to your new PAP machine investment.

PAP Gear Ready to be Sanitized

We recommend a quick wipe or rinse off the mask cushion or nasal pillow (before or after a cycle) to remove any residue, such as oil, from the skin. Respify will sanitize regardless, but like other CPAP Cleaners that use ozone or UV, it will not physically remove residue, such as oil from the skin.

Start Respify Cycle

After tapping the button to wake the device and confirm that there's sufficient charge, start the cycle by pressing and holding the button for three seconds before placing it inside the provided Respify Zip-It Bag with your sleep equipment.

Seal and Done!

Respify will automatically complete a 90-minute cycle before automatically powering off. Reconnect gear later in the day or evening and enjoy fresh, sanitized sleep equipment.

The safety-led product design allows ample time for ozone to decompose back into oxygen when the cycle completes. The residual fresh scent reminds the user that the process was successful and not indicative of lingering ozone.

The idea is to "start it and forget it" until convenient later in the day or evening before bedtime.

Trusted Choice

Thousands of PAP Users and Professionals enhance their sleep accessory maintenance with Respify.

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Customer Demo

Jaime demonstrates her routine using nasal pillows, unheated tubing, and a ResMed reservoir. The same applies to full face masks, heated tubing, and reservoirs from other PAP machines.

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Respify™ Zip-It Bag

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