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No messy liquids or soaps, simply start a sanitizing cycle & go about your day.

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Proven O3 Technology sanitizes the 3 things that need it, without risk to PAP Machine Warranty.

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Investment Protection - Respify's Unique Approach

Because some CPAP Cleaners connect to the "Machine" to sanitize the reservoir, there is common misconception among PAP users that a CPAP Cleaner is to clean the PAP Machine. In reality, the 3 things that require frequent disinfecting per most sleep equipment manufacturers are the Nasal Interface (PAP Mask or Nasal Pillows), Tubing and Reservoir.


This misconception has been more or less moot, until several sleep equipment manufacturers have recently guided users not to subject the machine to ozone, with potential warranty implications depending upon the manufacturer.


Why? With exposure to elements, most materials will eventually oxidize and degrade over time. A common example is the headlights on an older vehicle. It's not uncommon for haze and yellowing to occur due to oxidation. Ozone can accelerate this process in certain materials over time.


Most quality PAP Masks, Nasal Pillows and Reservoirs do not contain materials that will oxidize prematurely (i.e, natural rubber, pvc, and others). Most nasal interfaces contain silicone and polycarbonate, which will not oxidize prematurely with exposure to ozone.


Respify is designed to sanitize the 3 things requiring frequent maintenance (PAP Mask or Pillows, Tubing and Reservoir) without the PAP Machine involved in the process. While there is an extra step of placing the Nasal Interface, Tubing and Reservoir in the Respify Zip-It bag as illustrated below, there is no need to worry about potential machine warranty implications.


PAP Gear Ready to be Sanitized

Full Face Mask or Nasal Pillows

Tubing - Heated or Unheated

Reservoir - If humidity is used, empty reservoir and place with other gear.

We recommend a quick wipe or rinse of the nasal cushion or pillow, either before or after a cycle, simply to remove any residue from skin. Respify will sanitize regardless, but like other CPAP Cleaners that use Ozone or UV, will not physically remove residue, such as oil from skin.

Start Respify Cycle

Initiate a disinfecting cycle by pressing and holding the Respify button for 3 seconds, before placing with sleep equipment inside the provided Respify Zip-It Bag.

Seal & Enjoy Your Day!

Respify will automatically complete a 90 minute cycle, before automatically powering off. Simply reconnect gear later in the day or evening and enjoy fresh, sanitized sleep equipment.

The safety led product design allows ample time for Ozone to decompose back into oxygen before completion of a cycle. As a result, the residual fresh scent serves as a reminder that a cycle was successful and not indicative of ozone being present. We recommend allowing the PAP machine to run for 7 to 10 seconds before wearing freshly sanitized gear, simply to soften the scent. This is completely optional.

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