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Does Respify™ clean the machine itself?

YES, with Respify™ you may sanitize the machine, tubing, mask and reservoir in a single cleaning cycle. 

We receive this question frequently, as consumers are led to believe that other portable cleaners that connect to the tubing, sanitize the "machine".

The reality is that most other portable systems do NOT sanitize the entire machine and many also fail to provide a method to sanitize the mask and headset.   

Respify Bag

We recommend sanitizing your machine when you first get Respify™ and then a cadence aligned with PAP Machine filter replacement (every 4 weeks).

  • Just remove the reservoir, unplug and open up all compartments on the machine to allow maximum air immersion.
  • Remove the filter and place inside the bag, along with the machine.
  • You can do this every 3 or 4 weeks in a single cycle with all other components.
  • More frequently is ok, but we don’t believe it’s required unless traveling and gear has been on airport conveyors or hotel nightstands.

What do you mean by "many other portable systems do not sanitize the entire machine"? 

In the example above:

The tubing and empty water reservoir are being sanitized.   

The machine and mask are not. 

Independent of PAP machine brand and type, the reservoir acts as a bladder inside the machine, sealing it off with the exception of the openings that allow air into the machine via the filter ingress port and out through the tubing.   

  • Therefore, ozone immerses the tubing, empty reservoir and then passes through opening in the back of the machine, allowing ozone into the room air.   
  • Ozone is not getting behind the reservoir, into the innards of the unit.
  • Nor is it sanitizing the outside of the machine, which can turn into a "television remote or cell phone" in terms of germs and bacteria.
  • Furthermore, in the example above, the mask is not sanitized, unless done in a separate cleaning cycle (assuming that a method for doing so is provided).

In the example below, they tried to emulate our bag material and zipper, but turned it into a bento snack box, measuring roughly 7 x 9 inches.   

The reservoir and mask may be sanitized, if they fit.

The machine is not being sanitized.

In summary, most other portable systems: 

  • Do not sanitize the machine, but sanitize the tubing, reservoir and air ingress/egress on the machine, allowing O3 into the room unless a plug is provided. 
  • Many do not offer a solution to sanitize the mask.
  • Special adapters are often required and are prone to being lost, broken or obsolete in the event of changes in gear. 
  • Cycle times of 20 to 30 minutes don't tell the full story (more on that below)

What type of PAP equipment is compatible with Respify™?

Respify™ is universally compatible with all PAP Types (APAP, BIPAP, CPAP, VPAP, etc.), including all brands of gear (Resmed, Phillips, etc.).

Please note that no manufacturers are affiliated with, or endorse Respify™ and any photos on our site are for illustration purposes only. 

Is a prescription required?

No, Respify™ is a non-prescription CPAP (APAP, BIPAP, VPAP) Sanitizing System.

Will Insurance cover the cost of Respify™?

No, unfortunately no insurance will cover the cost of PAP cleaning equipment.

However, if you consider a typical co-pay or deductible on a $300+ system with recurring costs, we get you close in terms of “out of pocket”.

Can I use my HSA or FSA (Healthcare / Flexible Spend Account) to purchase Respify™?

Yes, simply use your HSA/FSA card at checkout. Your order confirmation will include a link to a detailed invoice, should you need to upload one to your card provider.

How does Respify™ sanitize PAP equipment?

Respify™ utilizes Active Air, also called O3 or Ozone to sanitize PAP equipment. Active Air is up to 3000x as powerful as bleach, except there are no messy liquids or solutions to contend with.

Respify™ generates Active Air electronically, so there are no consumables or refills required. Simply charge Respify™, like your mobile device, and you are set for up to 5 cleanings— typically recharging every week or two.

The same underlying technology is used in the medical and water treatment Industries, due to its powerful oxidizing capabilities. There is a good chance you have consumed water, eaten fruits or vegetables or even gotten a good soak in a pool or hot tub that has been sanitized with Active Air—and you didn’t even realize it!

Is Respify™ Safe?

Respify™ is completely safe when used as directed--in a sealed unoccupied space, such as our sanitizing bag or sealable tote.

If you have any medical condition other than OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea), such as COPD, please consult your physician before using Respify™.

How long is the Respify™ sanitizing cycle time?

1.5 hours - illustrated by light indicators and automatic power off.

This is required for proper sanitizing AND to allow time for O3 to decompose back into oxygen.  Engineering does not change this fact. 

Why is the Respify™ cycle longer than the 30 minutes others advertise?

We question the integrity of any outfit that tells you anything under an hour. 

Active Air needs time to eliminate bacteria AND decompose back into oxygen.  Also don't forget that some other systems require multiple cycles to sanitize the mask, tubing and reservoir, leaving the machine itself out.   

Beware of the the outfits advertising "FDA Approved, 20 minute cycles, 5 year Warranty" etc.   Most are overseas sellers, shilling anything from t-shirts to electronics to make a quick buck, and don't think twice about closing shop and popping up under another "brand".   

Does this apply to everyone?  Of course not, but do your homework.  Check where they ship from, what the turnaround times are and if decide to return it, what is the return shipping address.   

Many pull the "Due to high demand, item may take 4 weeks to arrive".   The translation on this one is "we ship directly from China via parcel post, so it could take 5 weeks and don't provide order confirmation or tracking information.  

I've been considering a more expensive product, why should I buy Respify™?

Great question.  It really boils down to the things that are most important to you and budget.

If you place the ultimate premium on “one and done” (set up once and don’t touch again except for maintenance), there’s a popular product on the market that we’d recommend if $340+ is in your budget.    If that’s the case, please consider Respify™ for your travel needs.

If you’re like most of us, either on a budget or simply conscious of the dollar, we believe Respify™ is a fantastic option.

  • Reasonable price, includes everything required, with no recurring costs.
  • Universal PAP compatibility, without adapters.
  • U.S. company, military discounts, and local support 7 days a week.
  • One Respify™ system covers BOTH home and travel.
  • Respify™ can sanitize EVERYTHING in a single cycle.
  • Even sanitize 2 sets of gear in single cleaning!
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee - If you are not satisfied, simply return the undamaged product and receive a full refund, less the cost of shipping. ($8 for $99 and $15 for $129.99)
  • Same day shipping for orders before 12pm Central M- F. (sometimes Saturday too…noted at top banner on site if that’s the case)

How is your pricing so much lower than other popular alternatives?

We sell direct, which means no "middle man" mark-ups. You also won't find costly television or print advertising, both of which impact your bottom line.

I noticed that you don't have many negative reviews, which makes me a bit skeptical?

It's a fair concern, especially given that even big retail marketplaces have had issues with the integrity of reviews.   

The bottom line is that our reviews are 100% genuine, from everyday customers like yourself—many of which can’t believe it’s going to work.  Trust us, you’re not the first and won’t be the last. 

Not a single review has been incentivized or compensated in any way.  The vast majority of our customers are elated to have found us.  The small minority that don’t care for Respify™ typically don’t care for the fresh scent that Active Air leaves behind.  They are typically pretty happy when we honor our 30 day return policy without hassles. 

If there’s a particular review your skeptical of, tell us! We’d be happy to see if that person would be willing to contact you. We can’t promise that they will, but quite often our customers are happy to share their experience given they were in your shoes at one point.

How long will it take to get my order?

While we don’t have drivers racing through your neighborhood in gray vans, it’s not going to take long, we promise.

All packages that include the Respify™ PAP Sanitizer go out 1 to 3 Day Priority Mail within 24 hours from our Chicago area location.

At checkout, the system will give best estimate based upon your zip code and you will receive order confirmation immediately, followed by tracking within 24 hours M-F.

Is Respify™ FDA approved? (American Lung, Nurse Practitioners, etc.)

While everyone and their brother appears to be tossing FDA and other logos on their marketing collateral, it's complete nonsense and tell tale sign of a dishonest company. 

PAP Sanitizers are not subject to FDA approval.  The FDA will simply NOT test them and approve them.   FDA "Approval" is delegated to drugs and complex medical devices--and it's not optional.   

One caveat, though equally misleading in our opinion, is that ANY company can pay to "Register" a product with the FDA. 

Don't confuse this with FDA Approval, as it's not even remotely close.   FDA “Registered” is like the “Seal of Good Housekeeping"--marketing!

Other than the "big name" in PAP sanitizing, none of the companies that we've seen toss around the FDA logo are even FDA Registered.  Go ahead and look them up.

Why should we buy from Respify™ vs. a "trusted" marketplace? 

Educate yourself and understand that many big marketplaces are having real challenges with the integrity of their reviews AND that roughly 50% of the sellers on these marketplaces are from outside the U.S.--Yes, the sellers, not just the goods.  

Sadly, many will tell U.S. buyers anything to make a sale (FDA, 5-Year Warranty...) If you want to know how they support a 5 year warranty, it's a good question to ask them.  Have they been around 5 years? Do they have a product that's been around for 5 years?   

It goes without saying that these statements do not apply to everyone, but we'd encourage you to do your homework instead of assuming they are "the" big marketplace. 

Do they have a phone number? Are they on facebook? Can you return your purchase to within the states, without trying and trying for some "specified period?"  Are they going to pull the "FDA Card"?  "Sorry, but we're not allowed to accept returns on a medical product".   Remember that it's not FDA Approved and not a medical product. 

We don't make this up and no we aren't being defensive.  We're a bit irritated at blatant patent and copyright infringement so just repaying the favor, but mostly we're tired of hearing about good people being taken for a ride by outfits that otherwise can't stand Americans, but love their hard earned money! 🇺🇸

No this doesn't apply to the big name companies that you have heard of.  There are also many other trustworthy companies out there,  but we encourage you to do your homework.

What is the difference between this product and the Deluxe Home and Travel System?

  • To sanitize your PAP equipment, you will place it in the Respify™ sanitizing bag or sealable tote. This enables immersion of Active Air and cleaning.
  • Some people find it more convenient placing their gear in a tote at home, which is completely optional. 
  • The Respify™ 2.0 Deluxe package includes BOTH the gray zip bag, PLUS a tote. 

Does Respify™ work with heated tubing or a heated hose?

Yes, Respify™ is compatible with both heated and non-heated tubing / hoses without the need for special adapters.

How often should I sanitize my PAP equipment with Respify™?

You may use Respify™ daily or even every few days. At a minimum, we recommend at least once per week. As environmental conditions vary (age of equipment, humidity levels, etc), there is no single answer that applies to all cases.

Most customers find a cadence that they are comfortable with, keeping ahead of musty odor, which is a sure sign of bacteria or mildew.   Please defer to your PAP equipment manufacturer for official cleaning and replacement guidelines.

Do you recommend wiping the mask or nasal pillows?

Yes, a daily quick rinse or wipe of mask / pillows is recommended to remove any residue from your skin. Respify™ will eliminate bacteria and germs regardless, but it will not physically remove residue.

Please note that this is true of ALL PAP Sanitizers that utilize O3 or UV to sanitize PAP equipment and is not unique to Respify™.

This is a brief, 15-30 second exercise, not the typical "Sink Excursion".

How long does the battery last, before having to recharge?

A single charge of the Respify 2.0 will typically provide 4+ cleanings.

How do I replace the battery?

Respify™ uses an integrated Lithium Ion Battery, which enables the best price-performance ratio. Because the battery is integrated, it also makes Respify™ air travel compliant and can be packed in carry-on or CPAP bag without issue.

The battery has a similar lifespan of those found in mobile devices, which are rated for hundreds of recharges. At 4+ cleanings per charge, there is no reason not to expect years of use before replacement.

There are a few other companies that note 10 year battery life.  While we cannot speak for them, Lithium Ion technology (including Respify™) can last quite a long time, but 10 years is probably pushing it in our opinion, so we don't advertise as such.  

Are there filters, adapters or replacement parts?

No. There are no adapters, consumables or replacement parts.

What is your Return Policy

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you may return the undamaged product within 30 days for a complete refund, less shipping.

Contact us at and we can note your account and provide you the return address. Optionally, we can email you a prepaid return label ($8 for the $89-$99.99 products and $15 for the $129.99) or of course you may make your own arrangements.

Once we receive the undamaged product back, you will be refunded 100% of your purchase, less shipping.

We make every effort to process immediately and a return confirmation email is sent to the contact on record. Please allow up to 5 days for us to process your return upon receipt of the return delivery.

How will I know if my Respify™ is working?

Active Air has an extremely high cleaning efficacy and is a powerful oxidant. After the cleaning cycle, musty odor should be gone.

Respify™ does not expel any fragrance or liquids, it is the ozone eliminating bacteria and odor, leaving the residual fresh scent. If you have been using PAP equipment for at least 3 months, it should be quite obvious.   

Respify™ generates virtually no sound and Active Air O3 is colorless, so you will not "see or hear" Respify™. Light indicators on the device that indicate it is in use. Needless to say, it's not uncommon to be skeptical as you embark on your first cleaning.

What does the residual fresh scent smell like?

Scent is extremely subjective.   We've had customers that have noted they are sensitive to any scent, who love the product, and we've had customers that noted they are not sensitive at all, and don't care for it. 

Some people have a very strong sense of smell, whereas others do not. Some like the smell of a new car, whereas others do not. You get the idea....

 While subjective, many customers love the scent, others much prefer it over the alternative musty odor, and a small handful don't care for it. The only way to really know for yourself is to try it.

We offer a 30 day no hassle return, as noted above.

What is the cleaning efficiency of Respify™?

Respify™ may eliminate up to 99.9%* of all typical bacteria, mold and fungus, found in PAP environments when used as directed.

However, we must be very clear that actual results vary based on environmental conditions and therefore we do not guarantee specific results.

Just like soaps, sanitizers and detergents "results can vary", which is a reality dependent upon many outside factors.   We encourage you question any company that tells you differently.

Our bottom line is that if you are not convinced that Respify™ is right for you, simply take us up on the 30 day no hassle return policy, as noted above.

The reality is that users have a MUCH GREATER chance of being sensitive (It’s too strong!) versus questioning its effectiveness.

I am new to CPAP, do you recommend Respify™?

While we would love your business, if you are new to any PAP Therapy, we recommend that you hold off purchasing Respify™ (or any cleaning system) until you are completely comfortable with your new routine. 

Our logic is twofold:

1. Respify™ is not going to make adjusting to PAP any easier and it's going to add another new variable to your already "new" routine.  In our humble opinion, it is best to keep your new routine as "familiar" as possible, until you fully adjust.

2. If you are new to PAP and your equipment is brand new, there's a good chance you will exclaim "I notice no difference"!?  Not to be cynical, but until you’ve experienced less than clean, you won’t appreciate the difference.

Regardless of where you are at on the PAP continuum, would love to earn your business, but it's in your best interest to get comfortable with PAP, before introducing a new variable.   

If you are new to PAP and 100% committed and understand that you may not notice a dramatic difference day one, feel free to dive-in, we’d love to have you on board now or down the road! 

Will Respify™ cure my congestion, cough or other health condition?

The short answer is no we cannot guarantee health improvements.

Respify™ is not a "cure all".  

However, many customers have seen profound improvements in respiratory health (congestion, coughing, etc.) as a result of clean CPAP.  Because there are so many positive customer testimonials, we go out of our way to stress that this may or may NOT apply to your particular case. 

Nothing from our website, marketing or communication materials should be used as a substitute for sound medical advice, from your medical professional.

If I have COPD or another respiratory condition, is Respify™ ok to use?

If you have ANY respiratory or medical condition beyond Obstructive Sleep Apnea, please consult your physician before using Respify™.

Will Respify™ extend the life of my PAP equipment?

Respify™ will not extend the life of PAP equipment. Please refer to your PAP manufacturers guidelines on equipment replacement. We suggest that you question the integrity of any company that advises you otherwise.

I am generally sensitive to any scents, would you recommend Respify™? 

While we've had customers that note they are sensitive to any scent, but are perfectly fine with Respify™, we'd caution that Respify™ may not be a good fit. There will be a residual fresh scent after a cleaning cycle and you may or may not care for it. 

You are welcome to use the 30 day no hassle return policy, as noted above, if you'd like to give it a try. 

What if my organization would like to resell your product?

At this time, we sell exclusively direct to consumer.