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Q & A

Thanks for your Interest in Respify!

If you don't see an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us by clicking the help bubble on the bottom of your screen for support 7 Days a Week!

We may also be reached by phone at 630-444-7020 if you prefer to speak with a representative.       

What type of CPAP equipment is compatible with Respify?

Respify is compatible with all PAP Types (APAP, BIPAP, CPAP, VPAP, etc.), including all brands of gear, as well as both heated and unheated tubing.   

Please note that no manufacturers are affiliated with, or endorse Respify and any photos on our site are for illustration purposes only.   

Does Respify require a prescription? 

No, Respify is a non-prescription CPAP (APAP, BIPAP, VPAP)  Sanitizing System. 

Will Insurance cover the cost of Respify?
No, unfortunately no insurance will cover the cost of CPAP cleaning equipment.  However, if you consider a typical co-pay or deductible, we're getting you pretty close to those costs anyway if you had purchased a more expensive system. 

Can I use my HSA (Healthcare Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spend Account) to purchase Respify? 
Yes, we accept HSA and FSA, as well as all major credit cards.   

If I order Respify, what can I expect in terms of delivery and support?

You will receive an order confirmation email immediately upon purchase, which contains your order number as well as a link to a detailed invoice, should you require this for HSA/FSA reimbursement.

ALL orders placed before 12PM CST are fulfilled the Same Day, Monday - Friday.  

Upon order fulfillment, you will receive an email with order tracking information, as well as a follow-up email noting that your order has been delivered.   

Please note that all deliveries are handled by USPS (United States Postal Service) and therefore the Complete Home and Travel Kit, which fits in most mailboxes, will be delivered to that location.   The Deluxe Home and Travel Kit will typically be delivered to your doorstep.  

How does Respify sanitize PAP equipment?

Respify utilizes Active Air / O3 / Ozone  to eliminate germs and bacteria.

Active Air is an unstable, triatomic molecule, which happens to be a super  powerful oxidant.  When Active Air  comes in contact with bacteria and mildew, it can alter the composition, destroying them at the molecular level--before transforming back into oxygen.   It is unstable in the sense that O3 is unable to maintain its molecular structure for long periods of time and will naturally decompose (losing and "O"), transforming back into O2 / Oxygen.

The generation of O3 is something that can also occur naturally.  Virtually everyone is familiar with the distinct scent that lingers in the air after a thunder storm.  This scent is from the O3 that was produced by lightning during the storm. 

The same underlying technology is used in the Medical and Water Treatment Industries due to its powerful oxidizing capabilities.   There is a good chance you have consumed water, eaten fruits or vegetables or or swam in a pool that has been treated with Active Air / O3  and you didn't even realize it!

Is Respify Safe?

Much like other cleaners or solutions found in most homes, Respify is completely safe when used as directed--in a sealed unoccupied space, such as our sanitizing bag or sealable tote. 

Active Air / O3 is NOT something that should be ingested, especially in high concentrations.   To proactively prevent potential issues from mis-use, Respify uses closed-system technology and is optimized to be effective only in a small 16QT's or smaller, unoccupied space.    While NOT advised, this means that if Respify was left in an open-air environment, like a typical bedroom, Respify will not produce enough Active Air to be effective or pose a threat, as defined by OSHA standards.   

Furthermore, unlike other PAP Sanitizing solutions that utilize Active Air and advertise a "20" or "30" minute cycle time, the minimum cycle time for Respify is 2 hours.   This time allows for the Active Air to work its magic AND decompose over time back into O2, so that any residual Active Air is minimized and dissipates quickly in an open room environment.

The bottom line is that Respify is completely safe when used properly, but it is not for everybody.   If you have any medical condition other than OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea), such as COPD, consult your physician before using Respify. 

Additionally, if you are the type of person that will constantly be thinking about "Active Air", we cannot recommend Respify in good conscious.  The entire spirit of Respify is to make life easier and less stressful, so that you can become more compliant and enjoy all of the benefits associated with clean PAP and less work.  

How is Respify different than other popular PAP Cleaners and Sanitizers?

Closed System Technology - There is no need for costly adapters, filters, or other replacement parts.

Value - Because we sell direct, "middle man mark-ups" do not apply.  This enables us to provide very competitive pricing and U.S. Based Support. 

PortabilityYes, there are other portable solutions on the market, but most cost significantly more and lack the ability to sanitize your mask, tubing and reservoir in a single cycle, assuming they provide a solution for sanitizing your mask. 

I've been considering a more expensive product, why should I buy Respify? 

If you are looking for a solution that will Simplify your PAP Sanitizing Routine without breaking the bank, Respify should definitely be on your short list.   

Our benefits include:

    • Low up-front price, with no ongoing costs.
    • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee - If you are not satisfied, simply return the undamaged product and receive a full refund, less the cost of shipping. ($8 for $79.99 and $15 for $119.99)
    • U.S. Based, Prompt, Knowledgable Support.
    • Single Solution for BOTH Home and Travel.
    • Sanitizes mask, tubing, empty reservoir in a single cycle.
    • Same Day fulfillment from Chicago Area before 12pm CST M-F.
How is your pricing so much lower than other popular alternatives?

We sell direct, which means no "middle man" mark-ups.    You also won't find costly television or print advertising, both of which impact your bottom line.   

I noticed that you don't have many Low / Negative Review Ratings, which makes me a bit skeptical? 

It's a fair concern, especially given that even big retail marketplaces have had issues with the integrity of reviews.

The bottom line is that 100% of our reviews are from everyday customers like yourself and not a single one of them has been incentivized for their review.  You can also check us out at ebay--note that we only sell our product and therefore all reviews there are related to our service and product.   

The vast majority of our customers are quite happy to have found us and the small handful that don't care for the Active Air scent are typically thrilled that we honor our 30 Day satisfaction Guarantee without hassles.  

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, simply contact us at support@respify.com to initiate a return within 30 days of purchase and we will help facilitate a return.   We WILL ask the reason why, but only so that we know what we can do to improve. 

How long will it take to get my order? 

All orders are fulfilled within 24 hours Monday through Friday.  You can expect delivery within 2-5 business days, depending upon the class of service chosen at check out.

International orders are fulfilled within the same timeframe. with delivery typically in 10-15 days.  \

Can Respify Sanitize the PAP Machine?

The short answer is YES.   

However, this isn't something we recommend doing daily.  The components that require regular sanitizing are the mask or nasal pillows, tubing and reservoir. 

Because other systems connect to the CPAP, many assume that the "machine" is being sanitized.  In reality, it is the reservoir (which acts as a bladder inside the machine itself), that is being sanitized.    If in doubt, please refer to your specific PAP manufacturers maintenance guidelines, which will refer to regular cleaning of the reservoir, tubing and mask.

Respify can also sanitize the PAP machine itself.    We recommend sanitizing the machine when you first get Respify, and then a cadence inline with machine air filter replacement.   Simply unplug the machine and remove the reservoir, before sanitizing along with the main components.  

Please defer to your PAP manufacturer for official cleaning guidelines. 

Does Respify work with heated tubing or a heated hose?

Yes, Respify is compatible with both heated and non-heated tubing / hoses without the need for special adapters.

How often should I sanitize my PAP equipment with Respify?

You may use Respify daily or even every few days.   As environmental conditions vary (age of equipment, humidity levels, etc), there is no single answer that applies to all cases.   

At a minimum, we recommend every 5 to 7 days.  Most customers find a cadence that they are comfortable with, keeping ahead of stale / musty odor, which is a sure sign of bacteria or mildew.   

Please defer to your PAP equipment manufacturer for official cleaning and replacement guidelines. 

Do you recommend wiping the mask or nasal pillows?

Yes, a daily quick rinse or wipe of mask / pillows is recommended to remove any residue from your skin.  Respify will eliminate bacteria and germs regardless, but it will not physically remove residue.  

Please note that this is true of ALL PAP Sanitizers that utilize O3 or UV to sanitize PAP equipment and is not unique to Respify.  This is a brief, 15-30 second exercise, not the typical "Sink Excursion". 

How long does the battery last, before having to recharge?

A single charge will typically provide 3+ cleanings.

How do I replace the battery?

Respify uses an integrated Lithium Ion Battery, which enables the best price-performance ratio.  Because the battery is integrated, it also makes Respify air travel compliant and can be packed in carry-on or CPAP bag without issue.  

The battery has a similar lifespan of those found in mobile devices, which are rated for hundreds of recharges.  At 3+ cleanings per charge, there is no reason not to expect years of use before replacement.

We cannot speak for any other companies claims, but when is the last time your mobile devices battery has lasted 10 years? 

Are there filters, adapters or replacement parts?

No.  There are no adapters, consumables or replacement parts. 

What is your Return Policy?

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you may return the undamaged product within 30 days for a complete refund, less shipping. 

Contact us at support@respify.com and we can email you a prepaid return label. 

Once we receive the undamaged product back, you will be refunded the purchase amount less $8 for the $79.99 Product and $15 for the $119.99 product.

Please allow up to 5 days for us to process your return upon receipt of the return delivery.   We make every effort to process immediately and a return confirmation email is sent to the contact on record.  

How will I know if my Respify is working?

Respify generates virtually no sound and  Active Air O3 is colorless, so you will not "see or hear" Respify.   Light indicators on the device that indicate it is in use.  Needless to say, it's not uncommon to be skeptical as you embark on your first cleaning.  

Active Air has an extremely high cleaning efficacy and is a powerful oxidant.  After the cleaning cycle, stale musty odor should be gone.  Respify does not expel any fragrance or liquids, it is the active air breaking down bacteria and odor, leaving the residual fresh scent. 

The residual scent can be quite subjective, it's the absence of stale / musty odor that is universal.   While subjective, many people love the scent, others much prefer it over the alternative and a small handful don't care for it.   The only way to really know for yourself is to try it and we offer the 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, as noted above.   

What is the cleaning efficiency of Respify?

Respify may eliminate up to 99.8%* of bacteria, mold and fungus, in a concealed space of 16QTs or less.  However, we must be very clear that actual results will vary and therefore we do not guarantee specific results.   

Just like soaps, sanitizers and detergents "results can vary", which is a reality dependent upon many outside factors.   We encourage you question any company that tells you differently.

Our bottom line is that if you are not convinced that Respify is right for you, simply return the product within 30 days and we will refund 100% of your purchase, less shipping.    The reality is that users have a much greater chance of being sensitive to the Active Air residual scent, versus questioning its effectiveness. 

I am new to CPAP, do you recommend Respify?

If you are new to CPAP or any PAP Therapy, we recommend that you hold off purchasing Respify until you are completely comfortable with your new routine.   

Our reasons are twofold:

1. Respify is not going to make adjusting to your new routine any easier and it's going to add another new variable to your already "new" routine.   In our humble opinion, it is best to keep your routine as "familiar" as possible when adjusting to PAP Therapy.  

2. If you are new to PAP and your equipment is brand new, there's a good chance you will exclaim "I notice no difference!?".  Not to be cynical, but until you’ve experienced less than clean, you are likely not going to appreciate the difference. 

Please don't take this the wrong way, we would love to earn your business!    

Despite countless  “e-guides, hacks and forum reading"  in our experience, the only way to making PAP as uneventful as brushing your teeth is by forging through the adjustment period—one sleep at a time! 

For most new PAP users, a half hour per evening soon becomes an hour and an hour becomes three.   Repetition creates routine and routine becomes a lifestyle.  

Stick with it, CPAP will be a game changer!      

If you are new to PAP, shoot us an email at support at respify.com and we will follow up in 30 days.  If you are still getting after it, we’d be happy to offer a nice little discount for the effort!    PAP should help you get back into life; not consume your every waking moment.    Stick with it, and it will happen....Really!

Will Respify cure my congestion, cough or other health condition? 

The short answer is no, Respify is not a "cure all". 

We are not medical doctors and do not offer medical advice.   If you have an ongoing health condition, please consult your physician for professional advice. 

However, as documented by actual Respify user Reviews, many customers have seen profound improvements in respiratory health as a result of using Respify. 

While these reviews are from actual Respify customers, who have not been incentivized in any way, we do not advertise or suggest that any individual will see such results.    

While bacteria in PAP equipment can be the underlying cause of health conditions, the reality is that any number of underlying physical and environmental conditions can manifest such conditions and therefore we do not advertise or suggest that any individual user will experience similar results.   However, if unsanitary PAP has been the culprit all along, you very well "May!"--however, we do not imply, suggest, or guarantee this.  

If I have COPD or another respiratory condition, is Respify ok to use?

If you have ANY respiratory or medical condition beyond Obstructive Sleep Apnea, please consult your physician before using Respify. 

Will Respify extend the life of my PAP equipment? 

Respify will not extend the life of PAP equipment.  Please refer to your PAP manufacturers guidelines on equipment replacement. 

We suggest that you question the integrity of any company that advises you otherwise.  

I have seen another advertised product that's name is similar to yours and they note that their product is recommended by the American Respiratory Association, Respiratory Nurses Association, etc.  Why don't these organizations endorse Respify?   

None of the mentioned organizations endorse any PAP Sanitizing product.   It would be a great question to that other company as to why they are fabricating industry endorsements and using other companies testimonial photos to be deceptive in our humble opinion.  

I am generally sensitive to any scents, would you recommend Respify?

If you are sensitive to ANY scents, Respify would probably not be a good fit, as there will be a fresh residual scent left by the O3 after sanitizing.

What if my organization would like to resell your product?

At this time, we sell exclusively direct to consumer.  

Thank you for your interest in Respify!