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Frequently Asked Questions

Will use of an Ozone CPAP Cleaner (Respify) put my CPAP Machine Warranty at Risk?

No, unlike many other systems that terminate to the CPAP Machine or Reservoir to disinfect the reservoir, Respify sanitizes the 3 things that require frequent maintenance (CPAP Mask or Nasal Pillows, Tubing and Reservoir) without the machine involved in the process.

The PAP machine is not exposed to ozone, therefore there is NO potential risk to the CPAP machine warranty.  Disclaimer: No Sleep equipment manufacturer is affiliated Respify. We are answering this question relative to our product. Consult your equipment manufacturer or point of purchase for applicability and always follow their maintenance guidelines. Respify does not extend the life of sleep equipment. 

Does Respify require a prescription?

No, Respify is a non-prescription CPAP Sanitizer. 

Will insurance cover the cost of Respify?

Insurance, including Medicare, will not typically cover the cost of CPAP Cleaning equipment.  

Can I use my Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) or Flex Spend Account (FSA) card to purchase Respify?

Yes, simply use your HSA/FSA card at checkout and you will receive an immediate order confirmation, with link to detailed invoice for HSA/FSA submittal if needed. 

How long does it take to receive my order?

Orders before 1PM Central M-F ship the same day and are typically delivered within 2-7 days depending upon the class of service selected at check-out. 

Is there anyone that shouldn't use Respify?

If you have ANY respiratory condition beyond Obstructive Sleep Apnea, consult your physician before using Respify.

How does Respify clean CPAP equipment?

The technology used is Active Air, also called O3 or Ozone. The same technology is used in the medical and water treatment Industries, as well as some popular cleaning systems that can cost hundreds more. 

Are there filters, adapters or other ongoing costs?

No, Respify uses closed-system technology, therefore there are no adapters, filters or ongoing maintenance costs. 

Does Respify work with heated tubing?

Yes, Respify is compatible with both heated and non-heated tubing. 

Does Respify work with full-face masks and nasal pillows?

Yes, Respify works with all both full-face masks and nasal pillows.

Do you recommend wiping the mask or nasal pillows?

Yes, we recommend a quick daily wipe of mask or nasal pillows, simply to remove any residue from skin.

I have a CPAP Mask with a memory foam cushion, may this be sanitized?

As guided by most equipment manufacturers, we recommend that you remove the memory foam cushion before sanitizing the frame, head-set, tubing and reservoir. 

Does Respify automatically power off after a cleaning cycle?

Yes, Respify powers-off automatically.

How long is the Respify Cleaning Cycle?

The cycle is 90 minutes, before automatically powering off. This allows time for the O3 to sanitize most effectively, as well as time for it to decompose back into Oxygen (O2) before the cycle completes. The idea is to start a cycle and to go on with your day--not to blow 30 minutes of a day sitting around waiting for a cycle to end. 

Why is Respify's cycle-time longer than many others advertise? 

To be completely candid, a "short cycle" was never a product design or marketing priority--by choice, knowing that the goal for most PAP users is to start a cycle and go on with their day.  

Premium was placed on performance, flexibility, ease of use, and of course to design a system that wouldn't require ongoing costs or potentially trading off  the integrity of a cpap machine warranty for convenience. 

Why doesn't Respify require a replaceable filter?

In some portable systems, a filter is required to relieve pressure and prevent back-flow of O3 saturated air. The filter relieves pressure, but also mitigates venting of O3 rich air. Because Respify uses closed system technology, so there is no  pressure to relieve and therefore a filter is not required.

If there is no filter, how is Ozone transformed back into Oxygen? 

O3 has a half-life of approximately 30 minutes and Respify's cycle-time accounts for this. By the time a 90-minute cycle is over, any O3 that was produced during the cycle has transformed back into oxygen. In fact, a filter would have no material impact on O3 inside the bag if the cycle AND run-time was only 30 minutes.  Only time solves this, not marketing. 

How often should I sanitize my equipment? 

Ultimately, you should refer to your manufacturers maintenance guidelines. Most recommend cleaning the nasal interface daily, followed by the tubing and reservoir at least once per week.

Because environmental conditions vary, there is not a "one size fits all" answer. Many Respify users choose to sanitize every few days or weekly, wiping the mask or nasal pillows daily. Others that prefer to be the most vigilant, use Respify daily.

How is the Respify price so much less than some of the popular CPAP cleaners? 
We sell direct to PAP users, so there is no middle man mark-up. We also don't have a costly spokesperson or tv advertisements and we don't support affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketers would be "3rd Party" videos, reviews or websites that exist to generate revenue off of referral links. I.e. "Top 5 CPAP Cleaners of 2020."  More often than not, these informative "articles, webpages or videos" exist for the purpose of being compensated when a product is purchased via that referral link. At the end of the day, we rely upon customer and sleep professional referrals.  
How is Respify different than other "new names" in CPAP Cleaning?

Disclaimer: The following is our opinion. We do not speak for our competitors and encourage you to contact them directly for information regarding their products and services. 

Many of our newer competitors are based in China or overseas, though they represent themselves as a US Company, stocking product local (hint...our good friends at PrimeClean....they even liked our instructions, our FAQ, etc!) Don't fall for the "fulfilled within a week"--it's been busy!  If you buy in the next 30 minutes, you get 50% Off!  You have 30 days to return an UNUSED product but we ask that you try it for 30 days before doing so!"     

With the recent surge in options, we've literally heard it all over the past few months.  

"I ordered a CleanZone Now on TV back on December 26th for my son in-law and he still hasn't received it!  I called and they can't give me a tracking number or even tell me when it will arrive!" - Judy C. February 2020.

"Wish I would have found you guys first; I ordered another $99 CPAP Cleaner that I found online.  It took weeks to receive the package and they didn't include the bag.  Three weeks later the bag arrived and when I tried to return it, they told me it was past the 30 days!" Bonnie F.

Again, we're far from perfect. There are also many terrific U.S. based companies out there. If you are "shopping," do yourself a favor by doing some minimal diligence.

Is Respify FDA or other "Association" Recommended or Approved? 

If you such logos, claims or trade related endorsements on other products, we encourage you to to consider taking your business elsewhere. 

The FDA mandates "approval" requirements upon pharmaceuticals and complex medical equipment. While this may change in the future, today there is no such thing as a CPAP cleaner being FDA Approved. 

One caveat is that any company can pay to "register" a product with the FDA, which in our opinion is marketing, knowing that many consumers will equate seeing a logo with "Approval". None of the companies we've seen advertise the FDA logo are even FDA registered. Feel free to look up any product here

What is the cleaning efficiency of Respify?

Respify may eliminate up to 99.9%* of typical bacteria and fungi found in PAP environments when used as directed. However, we must be very clear that actual results can vary based on environmental conditions and therefore we do not guarantee specific results.*  Just like other household cleaning products, this is a reality. 

Our bottom line is that if you are not convinced that Respify is right for you, simply take us up on our 30 day, no-hassle return policy above. Based upon actual user response, there's a much greater probability that you will find Respify to be too strong vs. questioning efficacy. 

Will Respify cure my respiratory (or other) health condition?

While many of our customers have experienced profound improvements in wellness (less congestion, etc.) as a benefit of using clean CPAP, these conditions can manifest from any number of physical and environmental factors. We do not imply, suggest or guarantee that Respify will improve any ailments that you may be experiencing. Respify is not a "cure all."

Disclaimer:  Nothing from our website, marketing or communications should be used as a substitute for sound medical advice from a medical doctor. If you are experiencing symptoms of any sort and are not comfortable, we encourage you to speak with your physician.

Will Respify extend the life of my CPAP equipment?

Respify will not extend the life of CPAP equipment.  We suggest questioning the integrity of any company that advises you otherwise and to always follow your sleep equipment manufacturers replacement guidelines.